Peter Stock, MD, PhD

Professor, Department of Surgery

Peter Stock is Professor of Surgery and heads up the solid organ pancreas transplant program as well as pancreatic islet cell program. He was trained at the University of Minnesota, completing a surgical residency before coming to UCSF for a transplant fellowship. He joined the UCSF faculty in 1992. A frequent presenter on issues related to transplantation and immunosuppression, he is an active teacher and supervisor of surgical residents and fellows. He holds membership in numerous professional and honorary societies. Stock is clinically active in liver, kidney and pancreas transplantation. Stock’s current basic science research interests involve the induction of transplantation tolerance to block both alloimmunity as well as recurrent autoimmunity following pancreatic islet transplantation. On a clinical level, results from these studies can be directly applied to the protection of human pancreatic islets following transplantation into diabetic recipients. Finally, he is the principal investigator on a study to determine the safety and efficacy of solid organ transplantation in the HIV positive recipient.

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