Division of Endocrinology

Endocrine Clinical & Translational Research Center

A center of excellence in clinical research at the Division of Endocrinology to conduct investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored clinical research trials, ensuring consistent, uniform access to clinical research coordinators, clinical space, and wide variety of biospecimen collection

Although much emphasis has been placed on identifying risk genes in various endocrinopathies and metabolic disorders, translating these findings to biological targets for treatment is still a challenge. Research into the factors, mechanisms, and genetic risk for disorders such as thyroid cancer, obesity, diabetes, and skeletal diseases, among others, requires repositories of human biological specimens annotated with clinical information including disease duration, outcomes therapy, and demographics.

Further research will help us understand predictive biomarkers and potentiate design of sequential, combination, or personalized treatment regimens for patients with various endocrine disorders. A properly administered and annotated tissue bank and an associated patient registry will facilitate the acquisition and appropriate distribution of tissue and blood samples to investigators.