JDRF Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowship

Anderson lab clinical fellow Martin Thelin named recipient


Martin Thelin, MD PhD a clinical fellow in the Anderson Lab, has been awarded a JDRF Advanced Postdoctoral Fellowship in “Gaining insight into type 1 diabetes pathogenesis through STAT gain of function”. The fellowship is designed to attract qualified and promising health scientists, provide an opportunity to receive full-time research training, and assist these promising individuals in transitioning from a fellowship to an independent faculty-level position.

Dr. Thelin’s research will focus on understanding the mechanisms involved in the development of type 1 diabetes (T1D) by studying mutations of the protein signal transducer and activator of transcriptions (STATs) in T1D. Part of the project is to reverse T1D after onset using JAK inhibitors, which has been achieved in a patient with STAT1 over-activation. The goal is to recapitulate the reversal of T1D in STAT1 and STAT3 mice models, thus understanding the process and to discover new pathways for preventing and delaying T1D.

"I am thrilled for Martin," said his mentor and Director of Diabetes Center, Mark Anderson. "Martin is clinically trained in caring for pediatric patients with diabetes and this support will help further his training in bringing cutting edge approaches in immunology for the prevention and reversal of type 1 diabetes."

JDRF envisions the 3-year award term as a period in which fellows will receive critical research training that will position them to work at the leading edge of their chosen field. JDRF is building towards a future without Type 1 Diabetes by funding and advocating for breakthrough scientific research by helping promising scientists establish careers in the field of T1D research. Meet the future of T1D research.