Pediatric Education


It is critically important that families of children and adolescents with diabetes receive appropriate education to help their loved ones effectively manage this disease. Our team in the Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes offers patients and families a customized approach for achieving this goal.

Among the various educational materials we share with our patients and their families are the tools listed below.


General Information:

Blood Glucose Logs


Insulin Pump Information:

Insulin Pump Logs

High Blood Sugar Decision Tree for Pumpers

Hemoglobin A1c 

Making Adjustments for Exercise


School Information:

Diabetes Management Form for School and School Events

Hypoglycemia/Hyperglycemia Decision Tree

Sick Day Management 


Nutritional Information:

Carbohydrates by Weight

Complete Food Lists

Counting Carbohydrates

Glycemic Index

Sugar Substitutes


Lifestyle Information:

Travel and Diabetes

Alcohol and Diabetes

For more information on these educational materials or our upcoming educational programs, contact Clarissa Quan at [email protected].