UCSF Diabetes Research Featured in Popular Science

What better way to describe the clinical trial experience than through the eyes of a study participant?  In this month's Popular Science magazine, journalist Catherine Price writes about her experience in a new-onset type 1 diabetes clinical study involving the monoclonal antibody anti-CD3.

  Not only does Catherine's story, Rebooting the Body, chronicle the long history of this research led by UCSF's Jeffrey Bluestone, PhD and Yale's Kevan Herold, MD, she also discusses other recent advances in reprogramming the immune system and stopping insulin-producing beta cell destruction.  Previously, the New York Times published one of Catherine's essays, Thinking About Diabetes With Every Bite.   Additionally, Catherine is a featured speaker at this month's UCSF Pediatric Diabetes Symposium & Kids Kamp.  You can read more of Catherine's writing on diabetes at A Sweet Life.