New Ways to Participate in Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Research

The UCSF Pediatric Diabetes Program led by Steve Gitelman, MD, has made progress in altering the course of type 1 diabetes. Through various screening tests, we are now able to identify relatives at risk for developing type 1 diabetes. For those at risk, there are currently three prevention trials that seek to prevent or delay the onset of disease. For those with recent onset of type 1 diabetes, we are exploring ways to preserve any remaining beta cells to prolong the "honeymoon" phase of diabetes progression.

There are two new, easy ways that you and your family members can see if you are eligible for any current or future clinical trials. Through TrialNet, relatives across the country can now screen online to determine if they have the autoantibodies that predict type 1 diabetes. After completing paperwork online, you will receive a test kit that you can take to any Quest lab, And, thanks to Anthony Kim, MD, and the CTSI, a web-based screening questionnaire has been developed to quickly assess if participants are eligible for a specific research study. <CTSI Story>