New Diabetes Family Fund Supports Clinical and Research Innovation, Reduction in Health Disparities

Thanks to the generous support of a member of our Diabetes Center’s Leadership Council, we’ve brought diabetes to the forefront at UCSF through the recently-created UCSF Diabetes Family Fund for Innovative Patient Care, Education and Scientific Discovery. This fund seeks to stimulate and support creative, collaborative and imaginative innovations and projects whose outcomes and discoveries are transformative.

The fund awards one to two years of support for projects that fall in one of three categories:

  • Excellence in diabetes clinical care and diabetes management
  • Reduction of health disparities in the prevention and treatment of diabetes in vulnerable, underserved and literacy-challenged patients
  • Innovative and transformative diabetes research 

More than 2,200 faculty members were eligible to apply for competitive, diabetes-related awards which foster creative and cross-discipline collaborations across the entire UCSF community. The response was phenomenal and the breadth and caliber of the grant proposals was impressive. In its first year of existence, eleven projects received support. These grants range from how to communicate better with literacy-challenged patients to discovering rare mutations of genes that contribute to type 1 diabetes.

With the aid of this funding, the UCSF Diabetes Center will continue its singular mission to bring lasting improvements in quality of life to individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.