New Diabetes Center Partnership With Sanofi Launched

The Diabetes Center has created a new industry partnership with international pharmaceutical company, Sanofi. The goal of this alliance is to identify novel therapeutic targets for the creation of new diabetes drugs that will improve the lives of those battling both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

This pilot project will focus on beta cells and will operate under the oversight of an expert panel from UCSF and Sanofi. Three Diabetes Center faculty members are leading the effort including Diabetes Center director Matthias Hebrok, PhD, Michael McManus, PhD, and Michael German, MD. Together with Sanofi, the team will identify, assess and validate potential drug targets by using a UCSF library of roughly 100,000 small interference RNAs (siRNA) -- molecules that play a crucial role in turning on and off genes, including the gene that produces insulin.