Madison Clinic’s GreenDot one of five finalists in Sanofi US Innovation Challenge

The Madison Clinic for Pediatric Diabetes is creating GreenDot, an open mobile health platform that enables both patients and health care providers to collect, aggregate, store, analyze and display diabetes-related data wirelessly and in real-time to better control blood sugars.  Last month, the Madison Clinic was named one of five finalists in the Sanofi US Innovation Challenge,

GreenDot collects data from various diabetes-related devices into one location, allowing both web and mobile applications to leverage the data for analytics and better visual displays for patients and physicians.  GreenDot's mission is to make the data more accessible, intuitive, and actionable.  The GreenDot initiative is being led by UCSF physicians Saleh Adi, MD, Jenise Wong, MD, Aaron Neinstein, MD, and Yao Sun, MD, PhD.

More information about GreenDot may be found at: Questions may be directed to Aaron Neinstein, MD, [email protected].