Important Research Finding in Type 1 Research

April's issue of Journal of Clinical Investigation reported that UCSF’s Dr. Jeffrey Bluestone and his collaborators Matthias von Herrath and Damien Bresson at the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology and Kevan Herold of Columbia University have successfully used a new treatment approach to reverse recent onset type 1 diabetes in laboratory animals.

The study combined two therapies, Dr. Bluestone’s anti-CD3 antibody to halt beta cell destruction, and proinsulin peptide to stimulate pancreatic Treg production to protect the beta cells from the destructive T cell attack.   They proved that the combined therapy produces better efficacy, longer-lasting results and fewer side effects. The researchers hope to begin testing the combination therapy in human clinical trials later this year.

The abstract for the original article published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation may be found here.

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