Dramatic Health Improvements Seen In Hunter-Gatherer Diet Study

Even though dietary research projects are expensive to conduct, two physician researchers are pooling all of their resources to study the health benefits of following the Paleolithic or hunter-gatherer diet enjoyed by our ancestors.

Studies already conducted by Diabetes Center endocrinologist Umesh Masharani, MD and kidney specialist Lynda Frassetto, MD have shown that a diet composed of “unprocessed” foods such as lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables and raw nuts will quickly lower cholesterol and improve blood sugar and blood pressure levels, without the need for weight loss. Drs. Masharani and Frassetto hope that their non-agricultural, non-processed food diet may lead to an effective, non-drug treatment for type 2 diabetes and related disorders.

For more specifics on this exciting research, read last month’s Science Café article written by Jeffrey Norris. Clinical research volunteers are also needed for the Paleolithic Diet Study.