Adult Care


Justine Kathryn Schreyer Diabetes Care Center

Located on UCSF’s Parnassus campus, the Justine Kathryn Schreyer Diabetes Care Center serves type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients aged 18 and above. The Center brings together under one roof a team of endocrinologists, clinical psychologists, nurses, diabetes educators, social workers, dietitians, and a dedicated administrative staff to meet our patients’ varying needs.

The Center is a pioneer in the development of intensive self-management regimens. Through its Diabetes Teaching Center, the Center offers in-person classes and workshops that instruct patients on how to manage their disease.  

To learn how to make an appointment at the Justine Kathryn Schreyer Diabetes Care Center, please visit our Diabetes Clinics page.


Additional Sites

Diabetes Center physicians also treat adult diabetes patients at UCSF’s Mount Zion Diabetes Clinic, San Francisco General Hospital, and the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center.



At any given time, more than 25% of all hospital patients at the UCSF Medical Center have diabetes. Our Diabetes Center physicians and fellows serve as key members of our inpatient care teams, providing expert advice regarding patients’ diabetes-related complications or issues.