UCSF Honors Visionary Biotech Pioneer Who Helped to Create Human Insulin

While leading the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics and the Hormone Research Institute, William J. Rutter, PhD helped UCSF to make some of its most important contributions in biotechnology -- including the cloning of the genes for insulin and human growth hormone. It was these discoveries that spurred the creation of the world’s first biotech company, Genentech Inc., and Chiron Corp., the company Dr. Rutter co-founded.

Dr. Rutter is credited with assembling an impressive group of researchers to work with him including the Diabetes Center’s Associate Director and Clinical Director, Michael German, MD, and Diabetes Center Faculty Members, Steinnun Baekkeskov, PhD, and Doug Hanahan, PhD.  Even in his current role of UCSF Professor Emeritus, Dr. Rutter has remained an active leader in UCSF’s development efforts including its new Mission Bay Campus. Last month, the state-of-the-art community center at Mission Bay was named after Dr. Rutter.