Stopping the Inflammatory Response in Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Center investigator Suneil Koliwad, MD, PhD, is exploring how nutritional factors may stimulate tissue inflammation and increase the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Dr. Koliwad’s research was recently highlighted at the 2012 American Diabetes Association's Scientific Sessions where he gave a talk on current issues in diabetes research.   

Based on an original new idea in his lab to explore factors regulating the vulnerability of immune cells to pro-inflammatory fats, Suneil received an inaugural UCSF Diabetes Center-Sponsored Obesity Research Center Grant entitled, “Modulation of Triacylglycerol Storage and Breakdown: Tools to Control Fatty Acid-Stimulated Inflammation in Diet-Induced Obesity.”

As President of the San Francisco Community Leadership Board of the American Diabetes Association, Suneil has worked tirelessly to further the ADA’s efforts to prevent diabetes locally and to improve the lives of people with diabetes in the Bay Area. Not only did he speak at World Diabetes Day in San Francisco on November 14, he was videotaped at the ADA Leadership Conference in New Orleans.