Diabetes Center's McManus Receives Prestigious Keck Award

UCSF can count another young research star among its ranks. Michael McManus, PhD was recently awarded a $1.75 million research grant by the W.M. Keck Foundation. Each year, the foundation supports promising scientists in the country pursuing breakthrough biomedical research. McManus is rapidly becoming an expert in microRNAs - the so called “dark matter” of the genome. These very small pieces of genetic material control most of the genes we express, creating new biotechnology tools that may lead to new cures for diseases including diabetes.

This award truly represents the best of the Diabetes Center collaborative efforts. By teaming up with prominent UCSF immunologists Drs. Jeffrey Bluestone, Lewis Lanier, Abbul Abbas, and Art Weiss, who will aid in the initial analysis as well as UCSF developmental biology experts Drs. Mike German and Deepak Srivastava (UCSF/Gladstone Institute), McManus was able to submit a highly collaborative, cutting-edge grant request that fosters creative innovation. These generous Keck funds will allow McManus and the immunology team to explore the inner secrets of microRNAs as they affect the immune system in the hopes of uncovering new breakthroughs in understanding for human disease.