A Day in the Life of a Clinical Research Coordinator

Our UCSF research and clinical care employees are a recognized strength of the Diabetes Center. They are igniting innovation, accelerating the pace of scientific discovery, and shaping the future of science and health.

As our lab staff members are harnessing new knowledge through basic research, our clinical research team is busy translating this basic research into clinical application for patients with diabetes. Since this issue of eUpdate is focused on clinical research, it seems appropriate to spotlight one of our accomplished clinical research coordinators in Pediatric Endocrinology, Marcia Wertz, PhD, MS, RN. The new “Dr. Wertz” – Marcia just received her PhD in nursing with a health policy specialty – is serving as the lead study coordinator for the ATG study noted above. To learn more about Dr. Wertz's role as a clinical research coordinator, we invite you to read a story written by Peter Phan of the Immune Tolerance Network.