Mouse Genetics Core Services


UCSF ES Cell Targeting Core

The UCSF ES Cell Targeting Core provides high-quality ES cell services shown below to all UCSF investigators as well as external investigators.

  • ES cell targeting
  • Expansion of targeted ES cells from outside repositories
  • Chromosome counts
  • Preparation of ES cells for microinjection

Contact: Chong Park (


Gladstone Transgenic Gene Targeting Core

The Gladstone Transgenic Gene targeting core injects either DNA or ES cells to create genetically modified mouse models.

  • Microinjection of DNA
  • Microinjection of ES cells

Contact: Junli Zhang (


UCSF Rederivation Core

The core creates new mice by embryo transfer in order to prevent the potential for transmission of pathogens.

Contact: Helen Lu (


UCSF Cryopreservation and Resuscitation Core

The core will cryopreserve sperm and embryo and, on request, resuscitate them to re-create mouse lines.

Contact: Khalida Sabeur (