Microscopy Core Training


All users are required to attend a 75 minute lecture which is generally held on the first Tuesday of a month at 1:00 pm in HSW-1057. There is no charge associated with this lecture which is open to all UCSF researchers. Topics covered include an introduction to fluorescence microscopy and to elements of digital detection required for effective use. Please confirm with the Core Manager (larry.ackerman@ucsf.edu) your intention to attend as the lecture time can vary with the availability of the lecturer.

Following completion of the Introductory Lecture, users will schedule hands-on training sessions with the Core Manager. Hands-on training should be initiated only when regular use of a specific instrument by the investigator is imminent (within one month). Training sessions begin promptly at the indicated times. All training reservations are subject to recharges (see RATES) even if the trainee fails to show up. Any training needed to be re-started owing to the late arrival of a trainee will increase the cost of training by a minimum of a one-hour Assistance recharge.

Portions of training by members of the Diabetes Endocrinology Research Center (DERC) are paid for by a Center grant. Center members are reminded to acknowledge DERC Center grant (P30 DK063720) contributions with ‘This research was supported by grants x, y from NIH P30 DK063720”.