Type 1 Diabetes: Age 8 Years and Older  Living with Diabetes for Five or More Years


Study Name: Evaluation of residual beta cell function and immunologic features in patients with longstanding type 1 diabetes.

Study Sponsors: National Institutes of Health           

Principal Investigator: Stephen E. Gitelman, MD, Director of the Pediatric Diabetes Program at U.C.S.F.


Who can sign up for this study? Volunteers 8 years or older who have had type 1 diabetes for five or more years and have a hemoglobin A1c < 9.5%.

In addition, volunteers may not:

  • Be pregnant
  • Prior or current use of immune altering drugs such as steroids
  • Have another long term chronic illness  


What is this study about? This study aims to evaluate differences in the immune systems of people who have had type 1 diabetes for five or more years who still make some insulin versus those who do not.  It will also establish a blood bank for future studies of type 1 diabetics.


What will happen in this study? All volunteers will undergo a screening visit where they will be asked questions about their medical history and will undergo a blood draw.  If that blood draw determines that they are still making some insulin, they will be asked to return for a 4 hour mixed meal tolerance test.  Volunteers may agree to be contacted for future research.


How long will this study last?  Volunteers will be followed for these 2 visits only unless they agree to be contacted for future research.  


Reimbursement: All volunteers will be reimbursed $25 for the initial blood draw, and $100 for the mixed meal tolerance test.  Parking during the study visits will also be reimbursed.


For more information please contact: Kathleen Fraser at 415-353-9084 or kfraser@diabetes.ucsf.edu.